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Sean Patrick – Film Critic, Radio Host, Blogger, Podcaster


Sean Patrick has been on the radio for 20 years and a professional film critic for 7 years. Sean is a voting member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association.







Bob Zerull – Podcaster, Blogger, & Actor

Bob Zerull has been podcasting for four years and blogging over at www.zoiksonline.com for six. He starred in the critically acclaimed horror film “A Cadaver Christmas” and interviewed several entertainers including Jeff Bridges, Sammy Hagar, Ted Nugent, and members of Aerosmith, AC/DC, Metallica, Korn and many more.





Josh Adams –¬†Podcaster, Blogger



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  1. Sean: My name is Ed hildebrand. I gave you the information pask about the Vietnam Veterans Parade on the 21 st of May. I ask you if your radio station would be sponsor for the concert,which will be after the parade. You told me you are very interested. I am just contacting you to see when you like get together. I have meeting on the 13th of Feb around 1:00 at Villiage Inn on Elmore Ave in Davenport. If you coulds not make it could you send someone that would know about the subject of the meeting. Please contact. ASAP_!! Thanks!!

  2. Love your podcast always have since discovering it and it kills me to write to you regarding a mistake, i am not trying to be a smart ass fellow critic, however, without even looking at IMDB i know Jodie Foster has directed more than 2 films. Little Man Tate was her excellent debut and she did the underrated Home for the Holidays with Robert Downy jr during a time few Directors were willing to give him a role. You did mention Orange is the New Black too and in my opinion both those opening episodes she helmed were two of the best all series and i watched them all.

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