American Sniper & The Awesome 80’s

Welcome to the I Hate Critics Movie Review Podcast. An unexpected blockbuster came out this week in “American Sniper.” Much of liberal Hollywood can’t stand the movie, but the liberal hosts of the I Hate Critics Podcast love it. Michael Carlson from the “Awesome 80’s Podcast joins us this week. You can check his podcast out at


While “American Sniper” tore it up at the box office, “The Wedding Ringer,” and “Paddington” were serviceable. Michael Mann’s “Blackhat” was a dud.

The Academy Award nominations were announced. Josh and Sean are very upset. You can check those out here:

Since Michael Mann’s “Blackhat” came out this week Josh decided he wanted to defend Michael Mann’s “Miami Vice.”

1985 – “Blood Simple” When you think of the 80’s, I bet you don’t think about this movie and that is because this movie still holds up. I was very excited to learn this came out in 1985, but I didn’t believe it. The first Coen Brother’s film is a real delight. Check it out if you haven’t yet.


Avengers 2
Get Hard
The Anarchy
The Underdogs

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