My Liberal Take on American Sniper

First of all I loved “American Sniper.” The movie had me on the edge of my seat. My heart rate had increased to the fat burning zone for three quarters of the film. I came away from the film not really liking Chris Kyle just like I didn’t really like William James from “The Hurt Locker.” Both of these characters were selfish. That sounds weird, but they were selfish by being selfless if that makes any sense. I’ve never served in any branch of the military and I’m grateful to those that have, but at the same time I feel like if I failed to mention that I’d have a ton of red neck hillbillies who also didn’t serve calling me out.

One of my favorite comedic actors Seth Rogen made a comment about how this movie reminded him of the Nazi propaganda film in “Inglorious Bastards.” I can see what he is saying, especially after all the feedback he’s getting from celebrity red necks Kid Rock and Blake Shelton. In my opinion this movie isn’t political at all and it’s not “America, Fuck Yeah.” There was no need for them to address that Bush and Cheney were wrong and we shouldn’t have been in Iraq etc etc. The characters in this movie believed that Iraq had something to do with 9/11. They bought into it and that’s what the movie was about, them.


I had never read Chris Kyle’s book, in fact I didn’t even know it existed. I had briefly heard something about a former soldier’s widow having to pay Jesse Ventura a million dollars because his book had slandered Ventura or something, but I didn’t realize that was Chris Kyle until after I saw the movie. I got to watch this movie clear headed. I didn’t put my political beliefs into this movie. I just watched it and I loved it.

I mentioned above that I didn’t really like Chris Kyle. I didn’t feel that this movie was right wing propaganda. I hated the fact that he kept leaving his wife to go back to war. Fuck that guy for leaving his family when he didn’t have to. Fuck that guy for putting his men in danger they didn’t need to be in by taking down Mustafa. I didn’t feel like we were celebrating his actions. I felt like we were watching how the war affected him.

I was equally on the edge of my seat when he came home from war as I was when he was in war because I didn’t know what he was going to do. He was affected and now he’s dead because of what that war did to another soldier’s mentality. If people are celebrating this movie in an “America, Fuck Yeah” kind of way then shame on them. This movie isn’t putting Chris Kyle on a “Captain America” pedestal. On the flip side if liberal movie goers are turned off because this right wing character bought into what Bush and Cheney were selling then they’re idiots too. “American Sniper” is an intense, action packed movie that depressed me. It was a great character study of what war does to a person and I appreciate it for that.

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