Masters Of The Universe: The Legend Of Grayskull- Synopsis & Opening Scene Treatment


Note to the reader:  I’m fully aware that Masters Of The Universe was made to launch a toy line.  But as I always hope for on our show, my preference is to have filmmakers elevate the source material TO something relevant.  Here’s me putting my money where my mouth is.


Synopsis & Screen Treatment by Josh Adams & Beth Uhrich



Across the universe from Earth lies the once powerful and mysterious world of Eternia.  Eviscerated by decades of defeat at hands of the ruthless Hordak and his minions, the planet now exists as a barren wasteland amongst the stars- a constant reminder to the remaining survivors of Hordak’s wrath.  The remaining Eternians, worn and weary and yearning for hope, are awoken one morning to a deafening noise.  In these, the darkest of times, Clan Grayskull and their ancient friend the Sorceress Teela-Na now have the power…


Scene 1


A middle aged man walks desperately along a dark, ravaged beach on the outskirts of Eternos City, searching for valuables or food.  The alien tide washes backwards, in an odd, ethereal fashion. The gravity is native to the planet, very unlike Earth. The sand and colors of the water shimmer with a dim cosmic glow, evoking the beauty of days past.  The rain is endless, and the skies remain dark with ominous clouds. The man appears meek- perhaps on his last legs, as he comes upon a cave near the beach. A faint glow emanates
from the cave; the desperate man sees it as a beacon, a potential shelter. An oasis. His faint, perhaps last hope.

The man crawls through a narrow opening in the cave, and comes to find the source of the faint glow. In a wading pool, he finds the source.  Streaks of what appear to be lightning cross the wading pool. With trepidation, he reaches down and peers closer into the watery opening.  Inside the pool is a translucent cask, made of crystalline material, housing an object inside.  The desperate man lunges forward to see what the beautiful object is.  He puts his hands in the pool, but the ‘lightning’ does not affect him.  He pulls the large crystalline case out, as we hear the low drone of an unknown, almost cosmic power source beginning to grow in intensity around him. He cannot open the case, and he cannot clearly see what is inside.

He decides to break it upon a sharper ‘stalagtite’ nearby. An immensely powerful, luminous force knocks the man back as the case shatters. When he picks himself up, he can see with great anticipation that which lingered inside. It is a weapon- unlike anything he has seen or heard of before.  It is beautiful.  It is not of Eternia.  At first, he cannot lift it, but the sword appears to bond to him.  Frightened, he steps back as he sees his body begin to change. He is filled with a power, a lifeforce he cannot imagine.  He begins to feel fear- but the force of this cosmic power begins to soothe him.

Now, with confidence, the man sheds his tattered animal skin overcoat, eagerly leaning back to grab the weapon.  He holds it up.  The ‘lightning’ courses over his body, invigorating him.

The man, who moments ago was on the verge of collapse, retreats from the cave, and looks upon the vast, beautiful alien ocean. D’vann Grayskull, so recently near death, begins his journey home, armed with the weapon.  With the power.  And, finally- hope.



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