My Predictions for the Oscar Nominations 2018

The Academy Award nominations will be announced on Tuesday, January 23rd; likely before this column is published. Nevertheless, as out of date these predictions will be by the time you read this, I wanted to get my predictions down, in part for my own ego…. and well mostly for my own ego in case I can actually predict what the Academy is going to do.

These predictions do not reflect what I wish I could see on Oscar Tuesday, things like a Best Picture nomination for The Big Sick, a Best Director nomination for Jordan Peele, a Best Actress nomination Gal Gadot, and other such things I don’t think will happen though I think they should. No, these predictions reflect what I have witnessed this Awards season, things I have read and, of course, the results of other influential Awards.


Click the picture or click right here for a look at what I predicted and where I failed. 

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