Sean’s Old Reviews Signs 2002 foster I Can’t Believe He Did It Again! Director M. Night Shyamalan, for the third consecutive film, has managed to bend audiences to his will with yet another twisted film that shocks and surprises. In “Signs” Shyamalan plays his audience like a violin and makes us like it in what is the best film of 2002.

buy shatavari online “Signs” stars Mel Gibson as Father Graham Hess, or rather just Graham Hess. As we come to find out Graham has lost his faith in God and left the church. Now, living on his farm with his two kids, Morgan (Rory Culkin) and Bo (Abigail Breslin) and his brother Merrill (Joaquin Phoenix), Graham seems to be slowly adjusting to life without faith. Then, not 10 minutes into the film we are thrust into a different story involving the urban legend of the crop circle. To Graham it seems as if local idiots have vandalized his corn. It isn’t until TV news coverage reveals that the crop formations aren’t just in his cornfield, they are global. Interestingly enough the crop circles are merely the hook; the real story takes off well after we’ve seen our last crop circle. Shyamalan’s style is a sort of pop version of Hitchcock, aping the master’s style with his impressive film score that evokes some of “Psycho” and “The Birds.” Also, much like Hitchcock, Shyamalan knows that the audience need not see anything to be scared, in fact, what the audience imagines is likely far scarier.

Signs starring Joaquin Phoenix Signs starring Joaquin Phoenix

Mel Gibson is solid as always playing Graham with depth and feeling, never allowing the character to drift off into action hero mode but also not allowing him to be weak. Shyamalan once again shows his brilliant eye for casting children with Rory Culkin proving to be the class of the Culkin family. And then there is little Abigail Breslin, whose wide-eyed deadpan delivery is used to both great dramatic and comedic effect.

One of the film’s most surprising elements is its sense of humor, which is perfectly timed and never takes away from the suspense.

Shyamalan is beginning to show a pattern in his filmmaking style; a simplicity of storytelling that is so understated you barely notice it. Shyamalan simply and artfully weaves together subtle, realistic drama against outrageous backdrops. In “The Sixth Sense” it was ghosts, in “Unbreakable” it’s comic book superheroes and in “Signs” it’s…. no no, I am not going to be the asshole who ruins the fun. You will have to see it yourself in what may be the best film of the year. — Kernan,

Kernan gives this Movie 10 out of 10 stars –

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