You Had Me at the Gates of Hell

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Coming Attractions:

Powers Boothe Dies on Josh’s birthday
Michael Parks passed away
A24 trailer for Woodshock and Beguiled (not A24)
Blade Runner 2049 Official Trailer

New Releases:

King Arthur
The Wall

Top Five Showdown: Warren Beatty vs Dustin Hoffman

Undisputed Classic: Rachel Getting Married, Waitress

1987 – Ishtar, The Gate, The Good Wife

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1 Response to You Had Me at the Gates of Hell

  1. I shall choose to ignore that horrible Streep comment (I guess executive producers get NO respect) and concentrate instead on your fantastic conversation about RACHEL GETTING MARRIED. I honestly have not heard or read any review or debate that tackled it as strongly as you guys. A friend of mine, who is also a die-hard movie fan, has admitted to me that she only wants to be entertained when going to the movies. I, myself, am after movie-going experiences that challenge, enlighten, infuriate, and frustrate me in addition to the obvious entertainment factor. RACHEL GETTING MARRIED really wowed me, and I’m frankly surprised it hasn’t been discussed more as part of Demme’s filmography, especially since his passing. While I don’t think it quite reaches SILENCE OF THE LAMBS masterpiece level, it comes awfully close, and I certainly consider it superior to PHILADELPHIA. I think in 20-30 years it will be a film with renewed respect and popularity – I certainly hope so. Anyway, thank you for the brilliant discussion. Keep up the good work! P.S. Where’s my mug?

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